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Living Trust Planning Option

The Living Trust Plan focuses on avoidance of Conservatorship in the event of incapacity, the avoidance of Probate at death, and maximizing the savings from federal estate taxation for married couples.  Restrictions on property left to a surviving spouse or partner, or children or other heir can also be accomplished with the Living Trust Plan.   Significant asset protection planing can be accomplished through the planning options chosen with the Living Trust Plan.

The Living Trust Plan includes the following legal documents:

1.   A custom-drafted Revocable Living Trust with that has many planning options such as:

  • Potential maximization of estate tax savings for married couples;
  • Asset protection planning for surviving spouse or partner;
  • Asset protection planning for children or other heirs.

2.   Pour-Over Will(s);

3.   Custom-drafted Advance Health Care Directive(s);

4.   Custom-Drafted General Durable Power(s) of Attorney;

5.   HIPAA Authorization Form(s);

6.   Assignment(s) of Personal Property;

7.   Certification of Trust;

8.   Marital Property Agreement for married couples.

9.   Personal Property memoranda

Planning for the Trust Plan is completed in three (3) steps:

  • Initial Consultation (1-2 hours)
  • Plan Design Meeting (1-2 hours)
  • Signing Appointment (1-2 hours)

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