The Retirement Plan Trust Seminar2017-11-30T07:47:09-08:00
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Passing on an Inherited IRA to your Heirs with Income Tax Deferral and Asset Protection

In this seminar, you will find out about the following:

The “inherited IRA:”  How your IRAs and other retirement plans are passed on to your children and other heirs when you die.

How to pass on your IRAs and other retirement plans to your children or other heirs in a way that defers income taxation as long as possible.

The Supreme Court decision in 2014 that made special planning for the inheritance of retirement plans almost mandatory to prevent loss by your heirs.

How to provide asset protection for an inherited IRA by building a “Castle” around it, helping prevent it from being lost through financial mismanagement, drug, alcohol, or gambling abuse, divorce, death, bankruptcy and lawsuits;

How to protect the inheritance of an IRA by a “special needs” relative without jeopardizing their eligibility for government assistance;

How a “Trust Protector” can provide ongoing oversight for the inherited IRA, including making changes that can deal with changes in the law and family circumstances.

Attorney Robert P. Bergman, Board Certified Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law, assists families in the San Francisco Bay Area with Estate Planning, Special Needs Planning for children and adults, special planning for retirement plan assets, and trust administration.

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