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I used the Law Offices of Robert P Bergman when I needed assistance with estate administration upon the death of my daughter.  Bob was a very pleasant and personable, yet professional.  I received all the help I needed and he took care of the court filing and paperwork.  He took a great deal off my plate and allowed me to focus on disposing of her estate, including her condo, and her outstanding bills.  His fees were very reasonable.  I would recommend Bob to anyone needing estate administration services. 

Bettina J.

If you are looking for an Estate Planner, Robert Bergman has the knowledge, speed and efficiency to walk you through the process and guide you no matter how complicated the estate might be. Always available even at the weekend, by text, email or phone.  He made it seems very easy and he is reasonably priced, no hidden fees. We were referred to him by our lawyer, I highly recommend him!

Ibatsam R.

Bob Bergman is very nice and super helpful.  He will go out of his way to make sure you understand the best options for your estate plan.  He took so much time with me to answer all of my questions, and he really knows the law.   Other attorneys contact him to ask questions when they don’t know what to do.  You can be sure that you will get the best advice from him.

Liz M.

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Bob Bergman has been our Estate Planning lawyer for many years, and also has advised us numerous times when we needed some other legal help. He has always been easy to work with, cheerful, and most importantly, his advice has always been “right on the mark”. We value him both as a counselor and as a friend.


Bergman did a bottoms up estate plan for us in Y2008 after I heard his presentation on the subject. Although we had an estate plan written in 1995, it did not begin to cover the potentially complex issues that could arise on inheritance, end of life decisions, and survivor control of assets. Bergman’s estate plan was thorough and addressed issues that one never thinks of but happen all the time in real life situations. Six years later, we had moved to a retirement community and needed to update the plan. He asked all the questions covering our changed circumstances and developed the updated plan quickly. I highly recommend him to everyone who should have an estate plan, AND to young parents who want to have their children protected in the unlikely event they both die. People in this category never think of estate plans but really need them.


I came to Law Offices of Robert P Bergman because my wife and I needed an estate plan. Literally had zero, not even some notes scrawled on a post-it. I decided Law Offices of Robert P Bergman was the right firm for me because we heard Bob speak on estate planning at a seminar after a friend recommended him. My favorite thing about working with Law Offices of Robert P Bergman was that Bob was personable, clearly knowledgeable about both the law and its real world applications, extremely competent, and had created an efficient process to identify and create the right estate planning components. The outcome after all of the work put in by the firm was we opted for a living trust, with provisions for life insurance, child care in case of our own demise, an estate distribution that avoiding probate, tax benefits, and other important components. But the key feature was the feeling of security, the elimination of uncertainty and anxiety over the future. Nobody wants to think about their expiration, and we had avoided that, and the needed planning, for many years. Once done, we got a lot of serenity. As a result, aside from the practical benefits, it gave us security – no more amorphous worry about “what will happen to my spouse, or children, or business?” – were i to be devoured by a great white shark while surfing, for instance. A greater confidence in handling financial matters such as savings, retirement, and value investing. Finally, when so much of the concern about the future dissolved, a newfound freedom to live in the moment, which helped my business and relationships. Those were unexpected, but welcome consequences.